Private Suite Issue 9: The Spooky Issue

from Private Suite Media

Private Suite Magazine Issue 9: The Spooky Issue

Haunt your cassette collection with PSM Issue #9. We watched the scary movie before the date, so we know when the jump scares are. Are the jump scares in these pages? We can't tell, but we can say there are killer pieces you can't miss like:

Vaporwave Evolves! The 100% Electronicon Review - - - Zer0 れい Talks Hellveterra
Making Darkvapor With R∞ - - - Genre Dissections: With House & Cursed Signalwave
Interfacing With u m a m i - - - Spooky Fiction & Art

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Private Suite is a community project. We cover all things vaporwave — reviews, art, interviews, articles and discussions. Private Suite dives deep into the never-ending ocean of vaporwave content to bring the highest quality work to our readers. We publish bimonthly.

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