Private Suite Issue 8: Back to School

from Private Suite Media

Private Suite Magazine Issue 8: Back to School

The first period bell is ringing. You have to make a decision quick, bring you magazine with you, or leave it your locker. Either way, you packed lunch. By the time 12:30 rolls around, you'll read about:

Join the After-School Computer Club - - - VOID-002
Tokyo Wanderer - Incubus - - - Databent: Diskette Park
Sneaking Gameboys into 'Shoppe Class: Linking up with Fotoshoppe Co. - - - VA:10 Vaporwave's Biggest Milestone Yet
Interview With: Quadrato - - -Original Fiction & Art

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Private Suite is a community project. We cover all things vaporwave — reviews, art, interviews, articles and discussions. Private Suite dives deep into the never-ending ocean of vaporwave content to bring the highest quality work to our readers. We publish bimonthly.

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