Private Suite Issue 7: Summer Vibes

from Private Suite Media


Private Suite Issue 7: Summer VIbes

Sunlight warms your skin. Blasting cassettes from an old RCA boombox, you take another sip of your berry smoothie by the pool. You have a flamingo print shirt on. Everyone has a flamingo print shirt on. Shade your face with Private Suite Magazine Issue #7. Dive in for:

Projected Runways: Sharing the Fashionwave Fantasy - - - A Brief History of City Pop
A Closer Look At Internet Club - - - Glo-ing Up : Vaporwave 2
Live Show News - - - Video Game Review: Hypnospace Outlaw - - - Original Fiction & Art

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Private Suite is a community project. We cover all things vaporwave — reviews, art, interviews, articles and discussions. Private Suite dives deep into the never-ending ocean of vaporwave content to bring the highest quality work to our readers. We publish bimonthly.

Printed on 8.5x11" Glossy Paper

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